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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh, Marcia, You've Been Naughty!

Oh, for Chrissake. Another tell-all.

But this one really blows the mind, 'cause it's juicy as hell. Maureen McCormick, aka Marcia on The Brady Bunch, has decided to spill the beans on what went on during the show and her tumultuous life afterwards. I think it was appropriate after Barry Williams who played Gregg (who any kid in my generation wanted to make out with, too) wrote his tell all - Growing Up Brady, and talked about boinking her. I actually have on tape (audio, yeah, I'm really high-tech) recorded off the radio when he was on the Opie and Anthony show (before it got yanked off the air) his interview with them. It was such a let-down...he sounded like such a schmuck. He was kinda funny, but he seemed to be doing the tell-all without really putting his own life screwups out there as much as just dishing out the dirt on everyone else.

McCormick, on the other hand, I have a little more respect for. She's putting her ass on the line and really telling how she became addicted to drugs and did the whole Tatum O'Neil thing...oh,'s also almost the Dana Plato (RIP) thing...and...well, holy shit, guess what? If you're a child star it's a 7 out of 10 chance that you're going to be seriously screwed up.

But, hey - you know what? I hope her book sells, if only so she can make some money off of what to the rest of us was a fun show to watch as kids, but to her was probably a doorway to both lots of fun...and the end of her childhood very early on. With the exception of the adults who has already established some career before the got on the Good Ship Brady, the kids all faded into oblivion afterwards. It must really suck to be a star for a long period of time, and then...not even be able to get a commercial. Especially for a kid.

They all got to wear really cool clothes, though.

One child actor, who, thank God has not gone down the path of hell, is Haley Joel Osment. Okay, he got busted for a DUI and marijuana posession as an adult, but who hasn't? *smirk*

Actually, I always hoped that he would step away from the industry and be a regular kid for a while. It seems like his parents were good to him and he was brought up well; and when you have a family that is already in the entertainment industry and who are relatively normal when it comes to having a loving environment at home, you might actually turn out all right...even when you get nominated for an oscar at age 11.


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