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Monday, March 05, 2007

Is Prozac A Pre-Requisite For Television Today?

I was just wondering...if one needs to be medicated before watching most tv nowadays, being able to stomach what is being dished out and considered worth watching.

I just watched two episodes of the Twilight Zone, which, unless you are completely deranged, a fanatical evangelical weirdo, or so pseudo-intellectual that you've talked yourself into a coma, you must know is probably one of the best shows that was ever on tv.
The acting, although often over the top (hey, that's what they did in those days) even at its WORST was still by far leaps and bounds far better and beyond the crap that is being shown on the tube nowadays. Rod Serling was a genius with an imagination that set new boundaries of exploration for what we now call the medium of television and motion picture industry. I saw an episode the other night with Robert Duvall - and the genius you see in Duvall's work throughout his life is evident even then as a young man.

However, if I can guarantee that if Rod were to have just come out of the woodwork now, and was trying to get that show off the ground, it would get stuck only on the Scifi channel, and wouldn't get hardly any ratings; certainly not anything near what these reality shows seem to get on regular network programming.

Yeah - gee, eat a few worms and bungie jump into a lake and that's entertainment. Get fired by Donald and it's primetime. Show some silicon breasts about to burst from a bikini on a barely-legal chick with scuff marks on her knees from one-too-many times at a casting director blowjob party -- and that's emmy material.

But god forbid somebody have some real soul, real plot, real anything...they get the shit end of the stick. Its a system that almost rewards bad actors, bad writing, and retarded plots.

But what do I know...I've just been around the block one too many times.

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  • At 4:36 PM, Blogger Billychic said…

    God, I love Rod Serling.

    Love that department store episode...wonder why! ha


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