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Monday, August 04, 2008

Morgan Freeman: Get Well, Get Well, GET WELL!!!

The news is hot off the press, but I'm not waiting to hear from anyplace else: you need to get yourself better and do it quickly, young man! You are one of the only actors left on the planet that has a truthfulness to his acting and can bring an audience into the palm of his hand. Your work speaks for itself and is such a rarity among the celebrity bullshit artists that we are surrounded by at all times.

We love you very, very much.

And this bitch loves you an awful lot.

So, Mr. Morgan Freeman: get well before I have to come down there and talk your ear off...and nobody wants that. Especially the nurses who I'll have to karate chop to get past just to get into your room...and then there's trying to squeeze into a nurse's uniform (I probably have one around here somewhere, but that's from some other kind of thing altogether)!

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