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Monday, April 30, 2007

A Little Story About Craig Wasson.

A fellow blogger and one of my best friends since childhood is also, like me, offspring of parents who are in the entertainment industry and once mingled with A-Listers, B-Listers, and shmisters; we both went to dinner parties with said parents with attendees that still make up at least half of the front rows of the Oscars and Tonys.

Believe if you want, call bullshit if you want. I could give a rat's ass. I post under a pseudonym not just to be cute.

Needless to say, growing up was...entertaining, pardon the pun. My friend will no doubt post some of her stories. However, her profile is more public, though, so some of the ones that are...shall we say...juicier and subject to ramification? I will have to do for her. Again, believe if you want. We don't care. We just love the telling of it - albeit maybe 20 years later. Some of them happened to me, some to her, and I will differentiate.

This is a brief, nasty little story about Craig Wasson, who emerged in the 80's as a "boy next door" kind of leading man, but was very sexy at the same a wholesome way. I mean, look at the picture. He looks like he's about to save a puppy, yet you want to fuck him. You know?

This charming quality was brought out first in the fabulous film Ghost Story, which is still one of my favorites to this day. Three years later, in Brian DePalma's Body Double, Wasson emerged as a new up-and-coming leading man. He did some more films, including A Nightmare on Elmstreet 3 with Patricia Arquette. A trip down his imdb trail shows that the majority of what he has done since has been television stints, including a brief part on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The entertainment industry is a bitch, so that's not a rag on his acting talent; he is actually a very good actor.

Okay, here's where our nasty tale begins:

One film not mentioned above, and that will not be named, was shot in the 80's starring Wasson and included one of my parents as a supporting actor. It was actually a fun movie, even though it got panned...but that's a whole other story. Wasson apparently had a good rapport with my parent, and both he and my family resided in the same lovely city (or, at least, he had a home he was staying at here), so when he was in town he contacted my family. This was back when I was about 15 or 16. I, of course, thought he was way super cool, and somehow it was arranged that he and another person who worked on the film, I think a wardrobe person who had made friends with my parent, would take me out to a museum and dinner.

I remember meeting him and he was very sweet and charming; even more handsome in person than on the big screen, and my parent had raved about what an absolute darling he was. He was like a little kid...and he seemed very "aw, shucks" and down to earth...kind of like he was more happy to go and eat granola and wear jeans than be a jet-setter. Good for him. However...

An incident happened that day that I will never forget: the man was totally hitting on me and had his had on my ass at least three different times. I remember one time I was pointing at something that was cool in the museum and he had his had on my back, and was like "Oh, wow! That's great!" and when the woman we were with wasn't looking, he moved his hand down to my ass. And let it sit there. He did this like three times, and each time I moved away from him, kind of not sure if what he was doing was what I thought he was doing. He acted like nothing happened and we continued our museum tour.

Now yes, I was a well-developed 15-16; yes, I probably sent out groupie-vibes that I had a crush on him or something; but the bottom line is that I HAD FUCKING BRACES ON MY TEETH and was still very much a kid. And it made me very uncomfortable.

I remember after that night (because we went late to the museum and then to a quick dinner afterwards) I felt really weird about him and when my parent asked if I wanted to hang out with him again, I said no. My parent was in the middle of starting a play and I think they ended up going their separate ways simply because that happens...for I never said anything until years later. It's not like he did anything terrible, so we just laughed about it...but it was enough for me to think VERY differently about him.

Bottom line? Craig Wasson was trying to get some 15-year-old poontang. And she had braces. Dude...there's something seriously wrong with that. At the very least, he was trying to cop a feel, and that in itself makes for a nasty little story.

Oh, I have many more.

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  • At 3:33 PM, Blogger Billychic said…


    Jah, I hear he's a total perv. I remember when you told me that. Katie said he was totally trying to get into her pants at that cast party - and she didn't have braces (uh, ew?) but she was obviously jailbait.

    Oh well...Now in my 30's, a piece of young ass doesn't sound so bad, actually...


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