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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

David Duchovny: This Makes Me Sad

Celebitchy has some pics of Duchovny looking like death warmed over - and it's really sad because I am SO thrilled with his show Californication - it's really incredibly well-written and he is so amazing - his acting is fantastic.

I loved him on X-Files because I loved the theme of the show, but never really thought he was all that amazing of an actor - but I think his craft has grown SO much.

The whole sex-addict-rehab bit is saddening, like something out of Auto Focus - which, if you haven't seen is amazing - I know a couple of sex's devastating to families and the people themselves.

I just hope that Duchovny gains a little weight, eats some vitamins, and goes home and sleeps with his wife...if she'll still let him.


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