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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Oath: MTWorks Spring Fabulousness; In Other News, I Am Done With the Casting Couch

MTWorks will be presenting The Oath in April. I suggest you cyber-march your way to their website and buy your tickets NOW...this is going to be an amazing show. I was sent the script by a friend who is in the play to read...and I cried just reading it. Me! Cried!

I'm mean c'mon...I'm a bitch. I usually only cry when I don't oust some other stupid actress out of a role that I want.

A birdie has told me that the show is reminiscent of Tennessee Williams - or, as much as any modern-day playwright can muster (may Ol' Tennessee not turn over on MY account!) - and that the cast is incredible.


In other news: I think my sex life, as we know it, is done. Well, at least in regards to sleeping with co-stars...and directors...and producers...and - well, anyway...

My recent foray into schtupping a cast member on the set of something I just came back from Toronto on turned into a disaster. Mind you - I only sleep with them AFTER I get the part. I mean...let's face it...I really don't have to sleep with anyone to get a role. You don't know me - but, I have been making my bread and butter by acting for nearly 18 years. I don't need to do that.

However, getting involved with co-stars (I was just kidding about the is just something that sometimes happens. Well - not anymore.

Picture, if you will: an extremely HOT man who is actually a good actor. We have love scenes together. I actually got a decent honeywagon this time AND good food. Life is good.

And we hit it off one night after a shoot and go for drinks. One thing turns into another...
And I wake up the next morning and his WIFE is knocking on the door - the poor thing came up to visit him! We pretended we weren't in the room and she went off to the lobby...and I snuck out and went to my room across the hall.

Needless to say things were bizarre after that...since she was there for a week, which was about all we had left of the shoot that we were in.

What sucks here is that I didn't even know the bastard was married. Seriously...I didn't. I have certain standards...for God's sake, yes, they are low - but c'mon...what a fucking nightmare.

I think maybe I'll just stick to P.A.s.


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