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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Virginia Madsen: From Left Field

Not that I'm knocking her, really - I've always thought Virginia Madsen was an interesting actress and enjoyed her work. And let's not forget the fact that her Brother Michael is hotter than sex on a stick.

But I found it really weird/fascinating/interesting that we haven't really heard much from Virginia in a while (yes, she's been on several TV stints and supporting roles, but not starring film roles), and then all of the sudden she has two films opening up within about two weeks of each other: The Number 23 with Jim Carrey, and The Astronaut Farmer with Billy Bob "I love to boink psycho chicks" Thornton.

How did this happen? Who did she sleep with? Of whom did she have incriminating photos or blackmail material?

Or, is it possible that the pendullum is swinging toward giving women over the age of 40 a chance to be prolific film stars...that all of the leading actress roles are not just going to skinny waifs who can't act or to women who have been around for 100 years...that perhaps there is room for actresses who are in that middle ground to be successful?

I hope so. In the meantime, though, I still wonder how in the hell she got two lead roles in these two's like she came out of left field.
I mean, let's face it: she's interesting and has done some good work, but she's not a great actress...and there are a lot of other actors out there that could play those parts. I mean, does anyone really remember anything about her other than her tits in Two Moon Junction?

I told you I was a bitchy actress.

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